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As an award winning, 21st century-driven Galveston digital marketing agency, we are strategy-focused innovators,looking for our dream clients, so we can help them locate theirs.


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Galveston Social Media Marketing

Companies in Galveston are just starting to catch on to the social media marketing trend in Galveston. We love watching companies grow socially and have brought winning strategies for Galveston social media marketing projects many times before – you could be the next to join the machine.


“Their Facebook marketing is next to none. I started with a low budget & now I’m spending $2500/mo. advertising my gym in Dallas. ” – FB Review

Jason Baxter, East Dallas Crossfit -
Galveston Digital Marketing Agency

Galveston PPC

Pay-per click (PPC) advertising campaigns are pushing Galveston businesses forward everyday. Your biggest competitors are raving about PPC and our Galveston PPC services are next to none – we would love to help grow your Galveston-based customer-base through our many PPC channels.


“We started off advertising with $2,000/month and have tripled that within 6 months. – TrustPilot”

Deion Shepherd, Liquid State -
Galveston Digital Marketing Agency

Galveston SEO

Great Galveston search engine optimization services are few and far in between. It’s hard to find good Galveston SEO companies. Our Galveston SEO track record  for Galveston-based companies speaks for itself. Join the Galveston marketing machine. We never sleep and neither does your marketing.


“We needed to rank our law firm on Google for several difficult keywords and these guys pulled off what no other SEO firm could. – TrustPilot”

Steve M., Dallas Criminal Lawyer -

“I built Dotoji off my last $100. We have taken that same recipe for success and are building stronger futures and better brands for our clients.”

– Jared Rice Sr., Founder of Dotoji

Jared’s Story – Via Huffington Post

“I built Dotoji off my last $100. We have taken that same recipe for success and are building stronger futures and better brands for our clients.”

– Jared Rice Sr., Founder of Dotoji

Jared’s Story – Via Huffington Post

A Galveston Jetpack

We love helping our Galveston-based customers take off like never before. The looks on their faces when they start making a global impact is always classic. We love changing things and innovating new ways to market brands, because we simply see things differently.

Great Partnerships

Our many great partners like HubSpot, Hootsuite, EventBrite, Google, Facebook and others help us provide the best results to our customers and are always there when we need them. Welcome to the Machine, we can’t wait to show you the results.

Google Certified

Google, Facebook and Twitter have all certified our Galveston digital marketing agency with their highest certifications. Our partnership with Google and others has created a winning environment for our customers and a pathway for their online marketing success.

Made In Galveston

We are jumpstarting the Galveston digital marketing agency and technology scene with new innovation, all the time. Dotoji and our many sister companies are already creating a movement within Galveston and we are happy about our city’s growth into the tech atmosphere!

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