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    Our Google Advertising and Adwords experts manage everything from your campaigns to ROI.

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Entire Campaign Management

As a Google advertising agency, we have mastered the management of hundreds of our client’s Google advertising campaigns. Mastering a campaign takes precision and efficiency as well as being highly knowledgeable about advertising on Google Adwords and what it takes to see a return on your investment. We can help you do just that – ROI is our middle name.

Google Advertising

Ads that bring an ROI

You can easily waste your ad budget, by showing advertisements for your products to people who will never buy from you. Through our partners and research, we will find the right targets for your products and make sure we bring an ROI from your Google advertising investment with our Google advertising agency.

So Why Dotoji?


Just read our reviews. Our customers are super happy with our services and we always offer a money back guarantee, because we want you to be happy.


Not only do our customers rave about our services but Google has certified our Google advertising experts with their highest certifications for Google Adwords. We don’t play with clients, especially their business.

All of our Paid Advertising plans
include the following:


Google/Facebook/Twitter Campaigns

Our cheapest plan includes at least 1 Google, Facebook and Twitter campaign to start out with. Our “Boss” plan includes unlimited campaigns.


Weekly Budget

You can start advertising on Facebook and other advertising mediums with a budget as low as $100/week. We can help scale your growth from there.

Interests / Topic


We research the best interests/topics for potential Facebook advertising targets, to bring the best possible ROI to your ad campaigns.

Money Back


Your satisfaction is our focus. If you’re not happy with our services, we will give you 100% of your first month’s payment back, no questions asked.

No Contracts


We don’t believe in locking people down. There’s nothing like having an unhappy customer who has to stay with our service. We want you to love what we do and if you don’t you’re free to go elsewhere at anytime.

Ad Analytics


We manage the analytics behind your ads so you don’t have to. You will access to these analytics at anytime but we will always keep up to second alerts, surrounding your campaigns.