From ExecADtives to ManADgers. We Kick Ads.

  • History

    Dotoji was started in a Plano, TX garage in 2006. Known as Maze Agency then, we grew into a full service ad agency in 2008, with 12 employees and several Fortune 500 companies. As of today, we have been serving customers all over the world for over a decade, while still innovating and disrupting the agency model as we’ve done from our inception. Our goal is simple, to love what we do, enjoy who we work with and pull in powerful results for our clients. It’s the Dotoji way.

  • Approach

    In a world that is constantly changing, fighting and tweeting, we now consider our planet a globalized market. Sales aren’t being closed through billboards and call centers anymore. Sales are closed in a three liner on Google or Facebook and purchased through an automated shopping cart. People want things now and if you can provide that to your customers – you will be a winner on the internet. But it’s not as easy as throwing three lines up and taking over the world. We think everyone who runs an online business knows this by now. It’s all about being able to create brand awareness, diversifying your products and creating an online culture for your customers. That’s where we come in. Our approach is simple: Personal, Analytical, Creative, Content-Driven Advertising (PACCA). 

  • Culture

    Marketing is a lifestyle around here. We may not be a startup anymore but we sure do act like one. Paper airplanes flying through the air, candy all over desks, vr headsets on ninjas, etc. If it exists in a nerd’s heaven, it exists in Dotoji’s offices. We make a living off being creatives, living life to the fullest and having fun with what we do and we hire that way as well. Normal people just aren’t allowed to work here. We only hire superheros.

  • Method

    Our method is passion. We only hire individuals who are passionate about marketing. Our clients deserve the best marketing money can buy, yet the best product appearance creative minds can articulate. In order for this to work, our #1 job requirement is “Passion” – because our customers results matter and if we’re not passionate, you’re not getting the results you deserve. It’s our method to the madness.

“Their Facebook marketing is next to none. I started with a low budget & now I’m spending $2500/mo. advertising my gym in Dallas. ” – FB Review

Jason Baxter, East Dallas Crossfit -

“We started off advertising with $2,000/month and have tripled that within 6 months. – TrustPilot”

Deion Shepherd, Liquid State -

“We needed to rank our law firm on Google for several difficult keywords and these guys pulled off what no other SEO firm could. – TrustPilot”

Steve M., Dallas Criminal Lawyer -

We Are a-Growin’

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